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We are currently hard at work creating our 2003 summer line of products and services. We have relocated from our older office to our new office, located inside New langton Arts. For this year's summer line, we have called upon the ingeniuity and creativity of 23 hott designers and developers from all over the country. Please visit our new office at 1246 Folsom Street during biz hours, Tues - Sat. 12 - 6pm. Every Wednesday from 6-8pm we have an office party that you are all invited to - check out the schedule - See you soon!!!!


Designers & Developers

week 1 June 23 - 27

  • J Otto
    Project: Cubicle Enhancement Services (CES)
    Bio: www.jotto.com
  • Tanya Hastings
    Project: "Atmosphere with local Awareness" offers interior enhancement that reflects the external architectural details of the local vicinity. An on-site pre-fabricated "wall paper" option will be on display. Other options include "trim," "cubical enhancers" and "corner softeners." All options are made of paper cutouts and utilize pattern, shadow and reflective light.

    Bio:Tanya Hastings haws mastered the age-old art of the paper cutout in a contemporary context. She utilizes reflective color and open installation to engage the space with her paper creations. She is currently preparing for a solo exhibition at ampersand international in San Francisco, where she has had a solo exhibition in the past (2001). Her work is in many private collections, as well as at the Detroit Zoological Society and the Cranbrook Art Museum. She had been a fellow at McDowell Artist Colony (2002), an Affiliate at Headland Center for the Arts (2000/1) and a recipient of the Individual Artist Grant from the Marin Arts Council (2002). Tanya Hastings Received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1997, and her BFA in 1992 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She works and lives in San Rafael, California.

  • Sarah Wagner
    Project: Sarah Wagner is the creator/inventor/owner/chief artist of Custom Camouflage International™, a company that specializes in producing the best in domestic camouflage. Based on plant, animal and the latest in military techniques, Custom Camouflage International™ has three products available: Fresh and Fabulous CAMO-Os™ which make irritating furnishings disappear, HALO-Os™ which form a tidy backdrop for messy houseplants, and of Custom Camouflage PAINT KITS™ which provide the do-it-yourselfer a tool to harmonize your environment. CAMO-Os™ and HALO-Os™: for those eyesores that are wrong.

    Bio: Sarah Wagner creates costumes and installations that explorecontextualiztion, irony and artifice as a means to initate the viewer into a fantasy world. Wagner's group exhibitions include shows at Southern Exposure, San Francisco (2001), 21 Grand, Oakland (2002), the San Francisco Opera (2001) and at Mills College, Oakland (2001, 2002). She recieved a BFA from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 1994. Wagner lives in Richmond, CA and works in Oakland, CA.

  • Josh Churchill
    Project: Joshua G Churchill will be monitoring and reinterpretting activities within the gallery space via sound using micrphones and speakers stragecically placed around the room.

    Bio: Joshua G Churchill creates site-specific installation environments that question the means by which we communicate, the validity of the information we encounter, and how we respond accordingly to our surroundings. These installations, which are often reactive in nature, emphasize dysfunction and error by utilizing sound, new media, and found technology to transpose the traditional roles of operator and device in an interactive environment. Churchill has recently exhibited work at Galeria Ze Dos Bois, Lisbon (2002), The Lab, San Francisco (2002), Southern Exposure, San Francisco (2002), and Pond, San Francisco (2001) as well as doing sound performances at various locations within the San Francisco Bay Area. Joshua G Churchill received a BA in Art Studio at UC Santa Barbara in 1998, and currently lives and works in San Francisco.

week 2 june 30 - july 4

  • Ian Treasure
    Project: Office Move

    The Office Move is an event that takes place for an individual or whole department that requires the employee(s) to be removed from their current location in the office to a new location that is deemed to be 'more efficient' for the company and the employee(s). The move could be to a different office, floor, or even a workstation just yards away from the original space being moved from. It is often futile and disrupting for those involved. In the UK it can also be used as a tax right off.

    My proposal is to reenact the futility of such a move by conducting a series of Office Move actions during the week commencing June 30th. For this I will need a whole office space and furniture (listed below). I will treat the whole week as a 9 to 5 working week showing up in full business regalia and commence with my project as follows. Throughout the week I will entirely dismantle the furniture to its most basic form, itemize the parts, and pack them away. I will then unpack the furniture, rebuild it and replace it in its original space, only this time in a 90-degree clockwise position from where it had originally sat. Depending on the time each move takes I will do this until I have dismantled and moved the furniture through 360 degrees and have set it back up at each 90 degree gradation. However if it appears the moves are going too quickly, I will then consider doing Office Moves to other parts of the gallery space or even moves onto the streets of the city. During the process it is expected that the furniture will fatigue with each move. As this occurs I will repair the furniture with screws, duct tape glue, etc, so as to carry on with the moving process.

    Office Items needed:

    1 desk with sliding draws
    2 chairs
    1 filing cabinet (4 draw)
    1 light stand
    1 coat stand
    2-3 wall pictures
    2 plants
    1 computer and monitor
    1 telephone
    Pencil pot, stapler, hole punch etc
    1 executive toy

  • Dave Black
    Project: Corporate Lifestyle portraits

    Capturing those invaluable corporate moments!

    Bio: David Black creates photographs and instillations dealing with the constant human struggle between laughing and crying. He has been included in group exhibitions at Cooper Union (2002), Southern Exposure juried show (2001), and The Diego Rivera Gallery at the San Francisco Art Institute (2001). David Black has attended New York University, The Cooper Union, and is a recent recipient of a B.F.A. from the San Francisco Art Institute. He currently lives and works in San Francisco.

  • Donna Ozawa
    Project: "Crank Therapy". Crank Therapy provides therapeutic hand-crankable sculptures for walk-in clients with any kind of personal problem or issue.

    Bio: Donna Keiko Ozawa works primarily with sculpture and installation where she explores the nature of culture, playful manifestations of serious subject matter, and hand-crank toys and machines. She has had solo exhibitions at Design Festa Gallery in Tokyo, Japan , (1999) and the Sanitary Fill Company, San Francisco, CA, (2001). Highlighted group shows include Gallery 2, Chicago, IL (1997), Euphrat Museum of Art, Cupertino, CA (2002), and the Chela Gallery, Baltimore, MD (2003). Ozawa received her MFA from the School of the Institute of Chicago in 1997. She was recently selected to be the Artist in Residence at Head Royce Lower School in Oakland, and at the Oakland Museum of California. A San Francisco native, Ozawa lives in Berkeley with a studio in Oakland, CA.

wk 3 july 7- 11

  • Helene Renard
    Project: SMPL - How will it change your life?
    The inventor has been creating, concocting, and fabricating, and now it's time to take the lab on the road! The prototypes are ready for testing, modification, and redefinition!
    Helene will premiere her new line of personal space enhancers. They are the prototypes of the new SMPL line. The mission of the SMPL pieces is to simplify and comfort on the one hand and to open the user to possibilities on the other. These first devices feature felt and goggles as primary materials. They will be on Display for the week.
    The artist is ready to delve into further Research by observing people in their natural or unnatural environment to better understand the way they interact with their surroundings. Testing of the pieces and recording of observations and user feedback will lead to the further Development of the prototypes.
    Observations will be made with any combination of the following tools: camera, tape recorder, sketchbook, mobile mini print press, typewriter.

    Bio: Helene Renard uses narrative and collage as tools in her passionate pursuit of "spacemaking." Her creations range from monoprints to multimedia installations, and embody her interest in scale and the
    possibilities of making spaces to be inhabited.

    She has participated in the $99.99 Show at the Irvine Arts Center, Irivine (2001); Nooks and Crannies, ASU Art Museum, Phoenix (2001); Degree Show, Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills (1999); Reproduction, Forum Gallery, Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills (1998); Fragments Towards a City, Forum Gallery, Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills (1997); and in the Tempe Library while serving as Artist-In-Residence at the Tempe Arts Center, Tempe (1995). She received her BArch from the Cooper Union for the advancement of Science and Art in New York in 1991, and her MArch from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills in 1999.

  • Jennifer Gwirtz
    project: "The New World Ergonomy" - Jennifer will be offering her services to make your work experiences safer, more enjoyable, and more exciting!

    Bio: site

  • Kenneth Hung
    Project: Hungway - a division of Sliv & Dulet Enterprises. Hungway began in 1976 with two young entrepreneurs in the United States - Kenneth Well Hung and Dustin Jacobsen. Their concept for an innovative business opportunity, centered around person-to-person marketing, established itself as a leader among one of today's fastest-growing industries.

    Today, more than 3.6 million independent business owners distribute HungwayT products in more than 153 countries and territories. HungwayT is part of the Sliv and Dulet Enterprises family of companies whose global sales totaled $4.5 billion in its most recent fiscal

    Our world headquarters has grown along with the HungwayT business. Today, we support the worldwide business opportunity from our headquarters which stretches for 9.7 mile (15.52 km), across 390 acres (156 hectares). How about making a visit?

    Bio: http://www.111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111.com/

  • Joe Reihsen
    project: JAM (Joe's Art Methods) - Joe will be presenting his breakthrough art methods via live and prerecorded infomercials.

    bio: Joe Reihsen's recent work forms an exploration of the commodification of expression that makes a polemically sardonic yet embracing account of the professional situation of a young artist. Trained in sales by automotive sales industry legends John Palombi and Grant Cardone, Reihsen also studied painting at the College of Visual Arts as well as S.F.A.I. Joe currently lives and works in San Francisco.

wk 4 july 14 - 18

  • Kate Pocrass
    project: Work Related Habit
    Work Lunch Tendencies

    Pocrass will offer a mixture of graphs, flowcharts, reproductions
    and reinactments - all exemplifying the urge to make one's
    workplace a more personable surrounding. These seemingly
    mundane gestures function to offer a moment of escape from an
    often drab daily environment. Through data collection and
    dramatization - Kate offers a better perspective on navigating
    through these common pedestrian gestures.

    bio: Kate Pocrass lives in San Francisco and produces both
    independent and collaborative projects dealing with pedestrian
    culture and social sculpture. She has been developing systematic
    structures of interaction through projects including "Bathroom
    Interventions" and the hotline "Munane Journeys." Kate has an
    eagerness to interact with strangers in common atmospheres
    companied by a quest to learn about that person through simple
    means. Her work is driven by the need to develop an economical
    practice that will stress the importance of unimportant moments
    and mundane observations.

  • Lee Montgomery
    project: operating a pirate radio station from within our office. Includes interviews with all participants and many visitors to the office space.
  • Bio: In his short life, Lee Montgomery has made art, video games, web sites,and radio shows. He also teaches others to do the same. Graduating from the San Francisco Art Institute in '00, he now runs the Multimedia Program at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill. In the time that remains in his days he produces public affairs shows and DJs at 90.7 FM, KALX radio in Berkeley. Occasionally, LeE also displays art in random venues (such as the internet).

  • Eddy Sykes
    project: Electric Pets

    bio: Ed's sculptures transform the idea of a stagnantphysical art object into living, breathing entities that physically confront the viewer. The pieces will have the ability to create and manipulate their environments in subtle and not so subtle ways. For example one machine will softly and elegantly dip the head of a plastic bunny into a pan of vaseline covered easter grass and then out again, several times a minute.

    Ed sykes has exhibited nationally with shows at CBGB's 313 Gallery in New York, Base Gallery in San Francisco, G' Factor in Chicago, in Windsor Ed was part of "Border Crossing" at Art Cite and has shown in Detroit at the Detroit Artist Market and the Detroit Contemporary. Ed was recently awarded 1st place in the Wayne State University Olbrot competition. His work has been collected by national and international corporate and private collectors from Italy to LA to Detroit. Ed was the co-founder of the Big Biscuit Gallery in Detroit and currently lives and works in South WestDetroit.

  • Cory Bernat
    project: Bernat plans on offering a haircutting service while opening herself up to questions about the CIA.
    "I'm aware that a CIA-trained hair cutting service is preposterous. This latent skill is so practical and so far from everyone's preconceived thoughts about the spy business-it's comical-no one ever knows whether to
    believe me or not. "

    Bio: Once an "agency artist" and highly atypical employee of the CIA at its headquarters in Northern Virginia, Bernat is now a former employee of the CIA working at a fine art school in San Francisco. These days, you can find Cory cutting hair in her spare time for the students at the San Francisco Art Institute where she works. "I don't charge money, I trade for artwork." When students ask if she used to work in a salon, her reply ambiguously admits, "Uh, something like that." Bernat has exhibited at Twisters in Oakland (2003), the San Francisco Art Institute (2002), The Atlantic Center for the Arts (while in residencethere, 2000), and in numerous shows the University of Florida and vicinity where she earned her BFA in 2000. She lives and works in San Francisco.

wk 5 july 21 - 25

  • Katy Bell
    project: Personalized Performance Sales and "Corporate Art" Infiltration Seminars
    bio: none on file
  • Lance Winn
    "Evolving Discotech" with Tao Urban

    Tao Urban and I are proposing to collaborateon an "Evolving Disco." We would like to use the basic information
    availablein the space to construct a place for dance; attempting to consider whatconditions would be most fruitful for people to freely(un-self-consciously) release energy through movement. The piece would include designing and constructing an environment, sampling and mixing sound, and sampling and mixing images. Each evening of dance would be recorded in a variety of ways and mixed back into the pool of previous sounds, images, etc. All information would come from the investigation of the particular space, with the only outside information coming from those who participate.

    Bio : Lance Winn works through drawing, performance/video, installation, and recently robotics, to explore the distortion that happens when we translate information. Current work involves scanning walls with a metal detector to search for bombs, playing tug-of-war against himself, creating alternative lawn ornaments, and collaborating with Simone Jones on robotic video projectors that capture and reproduce a determined path. Recent shows include "The Eight Hour Drawing Show" at Allegheny College in Meadsville, Pennsylvania (2003); "Pittsburgh Biennial" at The Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (2003); "Violent Violence" at Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, Holland (2003). His has had solo shows at the Big Biscuit Galley in Detroit, Michigan
    ("Thinking Out Loud" 1998) and at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids, Michigan ("Hooks and Lines and Sinking" 1998). He received his BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in Rhode Island in 1993 and his MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan in 1996. Winn is currently a Visiting Professor of Art at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    Needs for show: We will work with whatever space we have. There will be sound, but during the day it will be infrequent and low volume. We would likely need a video projector (small if possible), some power tools and
    basic construction materials (part of the project may be to find this stuff), scraps of mirrored Plexiglas, a basic Mac computer and recording devices (digital video camera, maybe sound stuff).

  • Tao Urban
    Project: will collaborate with Lance Winn.

    Bio: Tao Urban creates objects and installations based on product, interior and furniture design. The focal point being the social events that occur within these prescribed environs. He has an upcoming solo exhibition in September (2003) at the Acuna-Hansen Gallery in Los Angeles where he has had a previous solo show (2002). He has also had a solo exhibition at he now defunct Big Biscuit Gallery in Detroit (1998). Urban's group exhibitions include shows at the Austin Design Center, Austin, TX (2003), Lemberg Gallery, Detroit (2002), and the Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena (2002). He received his MFA from the Cranbrook academy of Art in 2000 and his BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1996. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

  • Jon Rubin

    Bio:Jon Rubin's diverse practice encompasses video, installation, photography, painting and drawing as well as public art. His solo and collaborative work has been exhibited at The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The de Young Museum, San Jose Museum of Art, The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Seattle's Center on Contemporary Art, and the Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico. He has received public art commissions from the San Francisco Arts Commission, the Washington Arts Commission, the University of California San Francisco, the City of Fairfield, and the City of Oakland. Rubin's awards include the Art Matters Foundation Fellowship, Phyllis Wattis Artist Residence, the Creative Work Fund Grant, and most recently a California Arts Council Artist Fellowship.

    Jon Rubin's solo and collaborative work uses a variety of media and situations to explore the dynamics of social spaces to has been exhibited at The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The de Young Museum, The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and Seattle's Center on Contemporary Art. He has received public art commissions from the San Francisco Arts Commission, the Washington Arts Commission, the University of California San Francisco, the City of Fairfield, and the City of Oakland. Rubin's awards include the Art Matters Foundation Fellowship, Phyllis Wattis Artist Residence, the Creative Work Fund Grant, and most recently a California Arts Council Artist Fellowship.

Special Guests for final reception

  • Jon Ralston
    Project: release of fax-in zine
    Bio: none on file
  • Darren Jenkins
    project: united starving artist fund video release
    bio: none on file

  • Kimrick Smythe
    project: unveiling of the flying vacuum cleaner
    bio: none on file

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